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“I want to sell my car immediately and locally, in Galway, Ireland, what are my options?” It’s a great question. If you ask us, there is only one right answer, but we will take you through all options so you can see it for yourself. Here are some good places to sell your used car today.

(Bad) Option #1: Local dealership

Selling your used car to a dealership is a good option because you can do it in the shortest time possible. You just need to drive it there, and the dealer will give you an offer.

However, the issue is that you are not going to be very happy with the offer. Dealers are smart and experienced, and they are looking to flip the car later, turning a profit. You can’t expect them to give you the best value. This is a good option only if you also want to buy a car at the same dealership, and you use the old one to discount the price.

Option #2: Private sales

A private sale will get you the most money if you have the time and patience to finalize it. That’s the key, you have to be resilient, and get through the flood of buyers, and their numerous “smart” questions that are looking to lower the price. If you have time, you will get the money.

However, that’s precisely the problem. If your patience fails you, you will settle for a lower price, just to get rid of the car. That way, all the time before the sale is wasted, and you still didn’t get the cash you wanted.

Option #3:  Selling your car online – YES!

Selling your vehicle online is the best option. It saves you time, and it is super convenient. There are plenty of sites that list used cars, and there are even online auctions.

“How can I sell my vehicle online in Galway?”It’s the same as anywhere else in Ireland, you just call CarsBoughtForCash, the best option for selling your vehicle if you are short on time.

We give cash for cars, no matter the type or condition. Yes, we even buy damaged vehicles, and if yours is old and has been through a lot, call us.

We will come, see the vehicle, and give you a fair offer. If you like what you hear, it all ends there. We take the car, and you have the cash.

CarsBoughtForCash offers the most competitive prices on the market, combined with the fastest and the most convenient service. We will be satisfied, guaranteed!


Thankfully, there are many options to sell your car. Each has its flaws and benefits, and you decide what’s best for you. In our opinion, online sales are the best; after all, it’s 2019. They combine the speed and convenience with great prices, which is especially true for CarsBoughtForCash.

Call us today, and get an online valuation of your car, and sell it in the shortest time possible!