How To Sell Your Car Fast?


Selling a car can sometimes be unnecessarily complicated. In our opinion, there is no reason why it should be like that. After all, it’s almost 2019, and everything moves online. The best way to sell your car is definitely over the Internet, and we will give you some reasons why, and explain to you how you can sell your car in Ireland, today.


Reasons To Sell Your Car Online

Reason #1: Convenience

By doing things online, you avoid a lot of unnecessary hassle and formalities that follow selling your car “live.” There is no commuting to a car lot, wasting time and gas. Plus, you don’t have to schedule any appointments, or call people. You just submit the car details on the site and wait for us to contact you, with an offer. If you agree, we will come to see the vehicle whenever suits you. After all, this whole process should be about you, and your car which is often not the case when you do things in a traditional way.

Reason #2: Fair Prices

When you try to sell your car traditionally, either through dealership, or classifieds, you can’t expect to get the best price. There are just too many people involved in the process, and each of them has to get something out of it, for the business to work. Also, many dealerships are giants, and they are in a much better position than you, ordinary working people. They often have that “Take it or leave it” approach. Running an online business is much cheaper, as fewer intermediaries are looking to get profit. You will get a much better price than you would if you go a traditional route, no doubt about that.

Reason #3: Speed

When you list your car for sale, you have to deal with buyer questions, plus, you have to be careful not to get scammed. And if you put your vehicle on an auction, you need to wait for it to pass, plus, you might never get the price you hoped for. Plus, you have to pay the auction house/site a percentage or a fee.

With us, there is no hassle. We will come and pick up your vehicle, paying cash for cars, all over Galway, and broader, as we buy any car in Ireland. All this without unnecessary questions, or waiting.

Reason #4: Damaged Cars Have Rights Too!

If you are wondering “Where can I sell my damaged car in Ireland,” or “Who would want to buy my old car in  Ireland?”, the answer is CarsBoughtForCash. We will buy any car, no matter how bad it looks. Yes, even totaled vehicles are welcome. We sometimes buy cars that don’t run too, and we purchase vehicles with or without NCT and DOE.

How To Sell My Car Online?

With CarsBoughtForCash, it is a straightforward, three-step process:

  1. Valuation – you should provide us with as much detail as possible, in order to get an accurate valuation, and a fair offer. How much is it going to be? Well, it depends on the car condition, mileage, year manufactured. But rest assured, you will like the offer you get, especially when compared to local dealerships.
  2. Meeting – the second step is us getting to your location to see the car ourselves. If the condition is as you described, and we are satisfied with what we see  (we mostly are, we are not that picky), we will give you an offer. Of course, you are not obligated to do anything. If you change your mind in the process, for whatever reason, that’s OK; you don’t have to pay anything.
  3. Payment – the final step of the process, if we like the car, and you agree with the price. We pay you the money, in cash, right there. You only need to have valid documentation which includes VLC, proof of address, and valid identification. That’s it! Completely hassle-free, and refreshingly simple.


Like we said, selling your care needs not to be complicated. Yes, if you try to sell it privately, you might get a better price, but that depends on so many factors and is often not the case. It involves risk, and above all a lot of hassle. Cars Bought For Cash is definitely the best method of selling your vehicle, as it is by far the most convenient. Don’t hesitate to contact us now, and get a free valuation of your car, no matter in what state it is.

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