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Where you sell your car matters for several reasons. Most people think about the price they get first, which is very important. But also convenience plays a huge role, and the amount of time needed to complete the transaction. There are cars for sale all over Dublin, but not everyone is getting the price they are hoping for. In this article we will mention some popular methods, telling you where you can sell your car, today.

Method #1: Car Dealer

What’s excellent about car dealers is that buying and selling cars is their bread and butter, so you know you will do it fast. Also, because they also sell cars, you can trade your old one, and pay some more cash if you want to get a new car. Dealers also try to keep their reputation, and if you sell your vehicle to a respectful company that is around for a while, you should be completely safe.

But, there is one major downside – car dealers are in for the profit. Plus, they have a lot of business expenses, and in order to make money, they need to buy low and sell high. At a car dealership, you will never get the best price. Plus, if your car is heavily damaged, you will probably have to look elsewhere.

Method #2: Private Sale

If you are looking to get the most money, selling your car privately is your best bet. There is nobody in the middle, just you, and your buyer, so you get to keep the whole profit.

But there is a caveat – hassle. If you decide to go this route, you shouldn’t expect to make the sale quickly. And there is always that question “What is my car worth in Ireland, today?”. You will have to do your own research.

Second, people will call you, text you, ask you for more information, to send them pictures, or if you can lower the price. Also, you might find yourself forced to reduce the price anyway because nobody wants to buy it, especially if it is old and/or damaged.

And of course, selling your car this way involves risks that go along with dealing with strangers. All that will take a lot of your time, and effort, making it far from ideal.

Method #3: Auctions

Auctions are definitely the most exciting way of selling a vehicle. What is also good about them is that sometimes you might get more money than you hoped for, as people get greedy.

However, oftentimes cars don’t go near the price sellers wanted, especially if they are old, or have visible damage. And lastly, you will have to pay a fee to put your car on an auction, whether live or online, and you will have to pay a percentage of the selling price. And of course, all that takes a bit of your time.

Method #4: Cars Bought For Cash

By far the best method of selling your car is us. We buy cars for cash all over Ireland, no matter the condition. What’s more, with us, there is no hassle.

You just schedule a car valuation, wherever in Ireland, and we will come to see what it is. Once we arrive and see that the car is as described, we will offer you money. If you are happy with the offer, all done! You get your cash, right then and there, and we will take the vehicle.

And if you have changed your mind, and decided not to accept it, no issues. The valuation process is entirely free of charge, and you don’t owe us anything.

The whole process is as easy as one-two-three. Valuation-Meeting-Sale, that’s it. You just prepare the needed documentation, which includes a valid identification and address confirmation, plus car VLC, and that’s it. No DOE or NCT required.


We at CarsBoughtForCash believe that selling cars should be simple. There is no need to overcomplicate things. After all, you have the car we want, and we have the money you need. The only thing left is to trade the two, and that’s it. You can do that today, hassle-free, for a fair price. That all makes selling your vehicle to us by far the best option of all, as it combines good price with minimal hassle, giving great value in return.