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In 2020, there are plenty of different ways to sell your car – through local car dealerships, privately, through online auctions, or through online services. All of those are good in their own way, but only one is safe, fast, and gives fair prices. But, before we get into that, you need to know how much money you can get for your car.

How much is my car worth, today in Ireland?

Selling your used car for cash starts with the question of its value. The worth of your car depends on many things.

  1. Model year – newer cars are worth more, in general. The only exception would be some super rare old-timers, but the chances that you own one are slim.
  2. Damage level – in most cases, your car needs to be driveable if you want to sell it. The more your car is damaged, the less money you will get for it.
  3. Service history – if your car is regularly serviced, with clean papers, you will get more money for it. Even if your car was crashed, it is good to have papers explaining what repairs were performed.
  4. Mileage – the more time vehicle spent on the road, more chronicle damage it will have, which is oftentimes hidden. Sometimes, even if your car is not that old, you will not get a lot of cash for it if you decide to sell it, because you used it too much. This is usually the case for people who drive as their occupation, drive on frequent business trips, or similar.
  5. Looks – make sure to present your car in the best light possible. Get it detailed, replace cheap parts, change mats. Do whatever small fixes possible, and sell your car clean. Also make sure to have good-looking pictures, if you sell it online.

How can I sell my car for cash, now in Dublin?

“I want to make a sale of my vehicle today!” You just contact CarsBoughtForCash. We will save you a lot of hassle. We buy cars for cash across the whole of Ireland, and we buy any car, no matter the condition.

Contact us now, and we will give you an estimate. Then, we will schedule a meeting, coming to see the vehicle. If we like it, we will give you an offer, right then and there. If you like it, you get the money right away, in cash. And if you are not satisfied, or just changed your mind, don’t worry, you don’t owe us anything. But, we have the best prices in Ireland, and we guarantee that you will like what you hear.


So if you were wondering “who will buy my car for cash, today?” the answer is CarsBoughtForCash. At our company, all cars are wanted, no matter the condition.

No more long auctions, or tiring negotiations with rude buyers who try to trick you. No more car dealers that never offer fair prices. With us, everything is over in the shortest time possible, to your satisfaction. Selling your car online has never been easier, contact us now and get it done quickly.