buy my car

Who Will Buy My Car?

Selling your car can be complicated, at least if you have no clue how and where to do it. For that reason we created this article, to give you a better idea which option is right for you. Let’s get right into it.

buy my car

Option #1: Selling it privately

This option will probably get you the most money, and that’s its only strength. Downsides are many.

First, you get the hassle. If you want a private sale, don’t expect to get things done quickly. It takes a while for the people to notice your ad, then call you to arrange a meeting, and then to come and see the car.

Also, you have to deal with buyers, which is quite annoying. They all have the same questions, asking things again and again even though the ad clearly states the needed facts. Furthermore, they will always try to cut down the price, telling you that another seller is offering the same car in a better condition for cheaper.

What is most likely to happen is that you will lose patience, and after days or weeks of hassle, end up selling your car for cheaper than you wanted. So in the end, the only positive of private sale – getting a better price, might not happen at all.

Option #2: Online auctions

Online auctions are interesting but risky. If you are not exactly sure how much your car is worth, they are the best way to test the market. But, although there is a chance to hit big, there is also a chance to fail hard, getting far less than you wanted.

Auctions also take time, and you need to pay a fee to the auction house or website, which means you won’t keep all of your money.

Option #3: Local car dealer

This option works for people who need the money now. Dealers always want your car, and they always have the money. With them, you can expect to get things done quickly.

But, because they look to flip the car, you can’t expect to get a good offer. They are buying to resell it later, in order to get profit and to do that, dealers will offer you less than the actual worth. They know it’s urgent, and they don’t care for your wallet, take it or leave it. But, if you are wondering “How much is my car worth today in Ireland?” it’s a good idea to consult a local dealer and get an estimate.

Option #4: “I want to sell my used car today!” – Sell it online at CarsBoughtForCash

At CarsBoughtForCash, we buy any car, no matter the condition. If you are looking to sell your used car fast, we are the best option.

Contact us, and we will tell you approximately how much money you can expect. After which, we come to see the car and bring you the cash. If you like the offer, you take the money, and we take the ar. If not, no hard feelings, you don’t owe us anything.

Fast, reliable, and with the best prices, CarsBoughtForCash is the best option out of all for getting rid of your old car in the shortest time possible.

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