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Top 3 Tips For Selling Your Van


The time has come to sell your van for cash, and you must be wondering how and where to do it. In this article, we will give you three best tips for selling your van, that will help you reach your desired price. Stay tuned and learn how to sell your van!

Tip #1: Take Care Of It First

Let’s face it; vans are not the tidiest vehicles around. Their primary purpose is utility, and being beautiful is not one of the main priorities when you are looking for a van. It’s all about putting a lot of stuff in, and carrying it from A to B, intact.

However, people pay attention to how vans look. The chances are that yours is not the only van of the same kind on the market. So, if you are looking to sell your used van instantly, or at least as fast as possible, make sure it looks right.

First, get it clean. Wash it inside and out, and replace dirty mats, or cover up the seats or the bottom with something thick. Having your van detailed will leave a much better first impression. Yes, your potential customers are buying it to put it to work immediately, but still, if they can choose, they will get one that looks good. Make sure yours does too.

Tip #2: Take Care Of The Pictures

When putting an ad, make sure your pictures are of high quality. You want your (clean!) van to look its best in the pictures, so don’t hesitate to highlight its strengths.

Because this is a van, make sure you picture the inside of it too. And also, because people probably buy this for work, snap one showing what’s under the hood too.

And if your vehicle has some visible major flaws, note them, and put a separate picture. Although this seems counterproductive, it will show that you are honest and that you have nothing to hide, which will buy the trust of potential customers.

Just make sure to snap quality photos. Do it in daylight, with a quality camera (iPhone will do), showing your van at its finest.

Tip #3: Call CarsBoghtForCash!

If you don’t have time, or you just don’t want to bother with ads and personal sales, CarsBoughtForCash is your best option.

“Where to sell my van and car for cash in Dublin near me?” Good question. Just call us, and we will get to your door, with the money!

It’s easy as 1-2-3, you just call us and tell us what you have. After that, we will tell you what’s your van’s worth. Then, we come right to your door, with the money. You take it, we take the van, and that’s it.

And, in case you change your mind along the way, don’t worry. The van will still remain yours, and you don’t owe us anything. But, trust us, we have the best offers, and you will definitely like what you hear.

So, where to sell your van quickly? There’s only one answer—sell your van online at CarsBoughForCash.

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