Where Can You Sell Your Van?


Having a van gives you an enormous amount of freedom. Basically, it’s a type of vehicle that can put food on your table, even if you don’t use it for work. People need vans all the time, and you can use yours for moving, or similar activities, earning you some extra cash on the side.

And of course, the reason why you got a van in the first place was to avoid the regular costs of paying someone else to drive your stuff. Knowing that you can use your own vehicle at any time of the day to make deliveries, or pick up supplies is something that will give you peace of mind.

Vans also return the initial investment really quickly, as they help you save your money. The fact that you own one means that you need to use it often. With each made delivery, your van returns a portion of the price you paid for it.

And having your own van with your company’s branding on it will send a message to your customers, showing them how professional you are. Plus, as your van drives around, people will notice the sign, and you will get some free marketing.

And even if you no longer need the van for business, you can invest some money in it, turning it into a travel vehicle. Before you know it, you have an RV.


I Want To Sell My Van In Dublin

If you no longer need your van and have decided to sell it, you have several options.

  • Auctions – selling your vehicle on (online) auctions might get you a decent price. However, there’s no guarantee, and often time you get burned. Additionally, you owe a percentage of the selling price to the auction house (site), reducing your profit. And auctions also take time, and you can’t expect to get things done immediately.
  • Private sale – selling your van privately usually gets you the best price. But, if you are in a hurry, avoid this type of sale. It often drags on for too long, resulting in tiring negotiations filled with unreasonable buyer requests. If you decide to go this route, you better have patience. You should also be very careful, to avoid scams.
  • Car dealerships – selling your van to a local car dealer is definitely quick and safe, after all, they are professionals. Unfortunately, the definition of their work is buying vehicles for a low, and selling for a high price, turning profit. You just can’t expect to get a decent deal, which is the cost of convenience.

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But I Want to Sell my Van in Galway Now, What Should I do?

Let’s answer the question “What is the best place to sell my used van for free online?” right away—CarsBoughtForCash. We buy any van in Ireland, paying strictly cash for cars.

The process is very simple, and only has three steps:

  1. Call us, and schedule a meeting, at your home, whenever it suits you
  2. We come, look at the van, giving you an offer
  3. You accept – all done, you get the cash, we take the van. You refuse – no issues, we leave, and you don’t owe us anything.

That simple. Sell your van today at CarsBoughtForCash, and get the best price in the shortest time possible.