Where To Sell Your Car For The Best Price?


There are a lot of options on how you can sell your car in Dublin easily. And let’s be honest, all of them work, and have their strengths and weaknesses. In this article, we will list some of them, that will give you a better idea of how you can sell your car today for some sweet cash. Let’s go!

Option #1: Auction

If you are not in a huge hurry, you can put your car at an online auction. This method is a good one for gauging the market value of your car. If you are lucky, and someone really wants your vehicle (especially if it’s rare), you can get a nice sum for it.

However, if you don’t have one of those cars that are wanted at auctions, you can fail to sell (if your starting price is too high), or you can sell your car for less money than you actually wanted.

Plus, most auction houses and sites charge commission fees, which will further trim your profit. It works, but it’s not ideal.

Option #2: Private sale

If you want to get the best price for your used car, private sales are the answer. Here, there is no middle man, only you and the buyer. Thus, your profits are maximal, as you keep the full selling price.

Although this sounds wonderful, the reality is a bit different. Private sales take time, and are annoying, as you have to deal with buyer questions. Furthermore, they carry a risk, as you deal with people directly, without any insurance. Just make sure to get the money up front.

Option #3: Car dealership

Selling your car to a local vehicle dealer is convenient, there’s no denying that. Those people are professionals, and they have a reputation to keep, which means that you are completely safe too. Also, you will get an offer instantly, if they want your car.

However, this only works if you are in a hurry because the offer you will get is never going to be the highest. Car dealers want to resell your car later, or use it for parts and make money. That means that you can’t get the full price, as it will leave them no profit.

Option #4: CarsBoughtForCash

If you are in a rush, but you still want to get good money, selling your car online at Cars Bough For Cash is your best bet.

We buy any car, so call us even if you have a damaged vehicle. We buy cars of all makes, no matter how old they are. If it drives, contact us, and we will give you a fair offer.

What makes us an excellent option? Convenience combined with good prices. You contact us, and we come to your doorstep, whenever it suits you.

Once we see the car, we will make you an offer, in cash, right there. So no need to drive anywhere and waste time, the whole process is done right at your doorstep. Call us now to sell your car or get an instant free quote!

3 Mistakes People Make When Selling a Car

Nowadays, selling your car for cash is easy. You can sell your car anywhere online, getting a quote for free. And there are always options for selling at a local dealership or making a private sale. However, the same mistakes follow almost any kind of purchase, and in this article, we will explain some of the most common ones, so stay tuned.

Mistake #1: Not caring about the looks

While it’s true that car’s history and specifications such as mileage, horsepower, and the general condition such as the amount of rust and scratches are crucial, you will be surprised how much value something as simple as getting your car detailed can bring. Even used cars should look at their best!used car for cash

While you should be careful about making any significant investments, doing simple things like replacing dirty mats, washing the car, and getting it detailed will do wonders for the overall appearance. This will make it look like the car was in good hands, which will add value, or at least make it more likely for the buyers to pick your vehicle, instead of other dirty ones of the same price.

Mistake #2: Low-quality photos

If you are looking to sell your car instantly, or at least as fast as possible, make sure you add as many quality photos as allowed.

Put emphasis on quality. Pick a good camera, and make sure the images you take highlight all the details. And be honest, don’t try to mislead buyers with your pictures. Yes, it is OK to highlight the best features of the car on separate photos, but if you mention something significant that the car is lacking, include that too. “But I’m looking to sell my used car for cash, why would I point out flaws?” A good quality picture will show that you have nothing to hide and that you don’t want to trick your buyers.

Mistake #3: Losing Patience

Guys, if you opted for a private sale, make sure you stick to the plan. Yes, buyers are annoying; they ask a tone of questions, trying to bring the price down.

However, that’s all a part of the game, and you would and will do the same when buying a car. You need to stick to your plan. If your price is reasonable, you will make the sale, you just need to be persistent, and wait it out a bit.

“But I’m looking to sell my car now, and I want to get an online valuation and an instant quote. I don’t have time for all that hassle.” Then private sale is not for you.

You want CarsBoughtForCash, the easiest way to sell your car online. We will give you a fair estimate, and come to your vehicle. If we like it, we will offer you cash right on the spot. If you accept, we take the car; if you don’t, no hard feelings, you don’t owe us anything. That’s it, that simple. Contact us now, and get rid of your old car today!

How Much Should You Sell Your Car For?

In 2019, there are plenty of different ways to sell your car – through local car dealerships, privately, through online auctions, or through online services. All of those are good in their own way, but only one is safe, fast, and gives fair prices. But, before we get into that, you need to know how much money you can get for your car.

sell my car

How much is my car worth, today in Ireland?

Selling your used car for cash starts with the question of its value. The worth of your car depends on many things.

  1. Model year – newer cars are worth more, in general. The only exception would be some super rare old-timers, but the chances that you own one are slim.
  2. Damage level – in most cases, your car needs to be driveable if you want to sell it. The more your car is damaged, the less money you will get for it.
  3. Service history – if your car is regularly serviced, with clean papers, you will get more money for it. Even if your car was crashed, it is good to have papers explaining what repairs were performed.
  4. Mileage – the more time vehicle spent on the road, more chronical damage it will have, which is often times hidden. Sometimes, even if your car is not that old, you will not get a lot of cash for it if you decide to sell it, because you used it too much. This is usually the case for people who drive as their occupation, drive on frequent business trips or similar.
  5. Looks – make sure to present your car in the best light possible. Get it detailed, replace cheap parts, change mats. Do whatever small fixes possible, and sell your car clean. Also make sure to have good looking pictures, if you sell it online.

How can I sell my car for cash, now in Dublin?

“I want to make a sale of my vehicle today!” You just contact CarsBoughtForCash. We will save you a lot of hassle. We buy cars for cash across the whole of Ireland, and we buy any car, no matter the condition.

Contact us now, and we will give you an estimate. Then, we will schedule a meeting, coming to see the vehicle. If we like it, we will give you an offer, right then and there. If you like it, you get the money right away, in cash. And if you are not satisfied, or just changed your mind, don’t worry, you don’t owe us anything. But, we have the best prices in Ireland, and we guarantee that you will like what you hear.


So if you were wondering “who will buy my car for cash, today?” the answer is CarsBoughtForCash. At our company, all cars are wanted, no matter the condition.

No more long auctions, or tiring negotiations with rude buyers who try to trick you. No more car dealers that never offer fair prices. With us, everything is over in the shortest time possible, to your satisfaction. Selling your car online has never been easier, contact us now and get it done quickly.

Preparing Your Car To Sell


To get the most money, your car needs to look its best. In this article, we will give you some ideas, suggesting you what you can do to make your car shine, literally. Stay tuned.

Consider repairs

Yes we know, your intention is to make money, not spend more on your old car. But, sometimes small repairs can do wonders, raising the price especially if you intend to sell your car privately.
Some things such as slight windscreen chips can get repaired for free, through your car insurance. Bodywork repairs are a viable option for newer cars – old cars are expected to have a few dents here and there, and you might risk too much by investing money in them.
The more the car is worth, the more money you should invest in it, as it is more likely to return. But be careful not to go over the line.

we buy any car Dublin

Small things matter

Get your car detailed. This will boost the sell value, and your investment will return, no questions asked. But, if you are so strapped for cash, at least was the car thoroughly. Wax the outside, making it shine, and vacuum everything on the inside. And make sure you clear the glass from the inside too. This is something that is often neglected, as people think it gets dirty only on the outside. Consider replacing the mats, or buying a thick cover for the seats if they are too damaged. Also, add an air freshener, especially if you smoke. It will at least temporarily hide the stench. Also, top up any fluids – oil, brake fluids, coolant. Inflate your tires properly, and check the spare tire. Check the electrics, and make sure everything works, or at least, take note of what isn’t working, and describe it to the buyers. Doing this will leave a feeling that your car is adequately maintained, raising the cash you get for cars you sell.

Get a valuation

You need to know how much your car is worth, objectively. To do that, a good idea is to visit your local dealership and ask around. Describe your car, or show it to them, and ask how much they would give you. You will use that number later when negotiating for a price. Naturally, you will want more than that. After all, dealers are looking to resell it, and make money.

Steal some ideas from other sellers

Search on eBay Motors and look how other people advertise their cars. Find one just like yours that got recently sold for a reasonable price.
Ask yourself what did that car have that yours doesn’t? What can you do about it? Take a note about the description, and the pictures. Maybe you can describe your vehicle the same way, and take pictures from similar angles, to boost the price.

Collect all the papers

Getting all the papers ready will save you from headaches when the D-day comes. Besides the obvious things such as the title, you should consider making a bill of sales, add any guarantees, or an as-is document. Also, try to find all the service papers – not having these can cripple the price. Furthermore, if you did any repairs prior to posting your ad, include those too. They will reinforce your position and the price you ask for.

Too much hassle?

As you can see, doing all this takes time. Sometimes, you don’t want to bother, and you want to sell your car instantly. If that is the case, contact CarsBoughtForCash.
We buy any car in Dublin. Also, we buy any van, but we also buy any 4×4, in all conditions.
We buy any car, this is how it works: We will come to you, do the valuation, and give you an offer, right on the spot. If you agree on the price, you get the money right away. If not, no harm was done, you don’t have to pay anything. As simple as that. No ads, pictures, descriptions, hassle with buyer questions. Sell your car today, hassle-free!

Selling Your Car? Here Are Some Useful Tips

Nowadays, selling your car is easier than ever, as there are many different methods available to you. But, to make sure you do it right, getting the best price possible, read this article. It will give you some useful tips that will make the process a bit easier.

Tip #1: Determine the value of your vehicle

For this, you need to do the research. Check online auctions, and car-selling sites, even Craig’s List, and find the model of your vehicle. Make sure you are comparing the prices for the same age, and the same condition.

And remember, most of the times you are seeing the price people want – if an ad is sitting there for months, and it’s an old or unpopular car, the chances are that the person is asking too much. So try to filter through successful recent purchases, that will give you the right clue how much you can expect.

If you want to sell your car urgently, offer the best price, and the phone will start ringing almost immediately.

used cars - sell my car ireland

Tip #2: Do what you can to prepare the car

Unless your car is wrecked, there are things you can do to boost the price, at least a little bit. First, make sure it’s clean. Having a clean vehicle on the picture will leave the impression that it is properly maintained, no matter how old it is.

So wash and wax the car, clean the rims and tires, vacuum the interior, empty the trays, and wash the mats. You can even consider replacing some cheap accessories or buy an air freshener – that will leave a great impression if a buyer decides to see the car in person. Just make sure you post honest pictures, and a true description – frauding people will lead you nowhere.

Tip #3: Get the paperwork ready

This can be tough, especially if you owned the car for years. But, the step is necessary, and you better collect all the papers before placing your ad. Some of the documents you need, or should consider are:

  • The title
  • Maintenance records
  • Bill of sale
  • Warranty documents
  • Release of Liability
  • As-is documentation

Of course, not all of them are required, or needed (you will either have a guarantee, or as-is documentation), but they are pretty useful to have, just in case.

Tip #4: Take quality photos

Make sure to take many quality photographs of your vehicle, the more, the merrier. A photo is worth a thousand words, but in the case of selling cars for cash in Galway, it is worth even more.

Photo your car inside and out, from different angles. Try to emphasize the key selling points – such as custom rims – but also if it has some significant flaws, make sure you document those too. Take photos from the front, rear, both sides, but also the interior, dashboard, engine, and even underneath the car, if you can.

Tip #5: Describe your vehicle in detail

Describing your car in detail will separate you from many other sellers. Most car dealers just give a “dry” description, purely based on facts, because they haven’t driven the car. They just bought it from someone else, and now they are looking to sell it further, and make a profit.

Put as much info as possible, describing where you drove the car, how well it served you, the reason why you sell it, etc. Giving a “human” approach. That will draw real buyers, who want to drive it, not only resellers. Those people always get the best money. Make sure you also offer a test drive. That will show people that you have nothing to hide.

Tip #6: Access the buyers

Although it might seem tempting, don’t go for the money as soon as you receive the offer. Screen the buyers. Offer test drives only for serious people. You don’t want to waste time or take unnecessary risks. First, ask for their first names, and even ask for money first before giving out anything.  And please, do not accept monthly payments, you will never get your money that way.

Tip #7: Be patient and finalize the sale

After a while, the time for selling the car will come. Get the money, and complete the bill of sale, sign the title, and fill out Release of Liability, and any guarantees you offer. Just make sure you black out any personal information. The last thing is to hand over the keys and wish the new owner good luck. Congratulations, you have sold your vehicle!

Too complicated? It is.

As you can see, selling your car via ad is a long process. Luckily, you have us. If you are wondering who wants or buys cars for cash in Galway, or where can I sell my car for cash in Ireland, the answer is CarsBoughtForCash. That is the best way to sell a car in Ireland if you want to do it fast, and pain-free.

Where Can You Sell Your Car Fast?


Where you sell your car matters for several reasons. Most people think about the price they get first, which is very important. But also convenience plays a huge role, and the amount of time needed to complete the transaction. There are cars for sale all over Dublin, but not everyone is getting the price they are hoping for. In this article we will mention some popular methods, telling you where you can sell your car, today.


Method #1: Car Dealer

What’s excellent about car dealers is that buying and selling cars is their bread and butter, so you know you will do it fast. Also, because they also sell cars, you can trade your old one, and pay some more cash if you want to get a new car. Dealers also try to keep their reputation, and if you sell your vehicle to a respectful company that is around for a while, you should be completely safe.

But, there is one major downside – car dealers are in for the profit. Plus, they have a lot of business expenses, and in order to make money, they need to buy low and sell high. At a car dealership, you will never get the best price. Plus, if your car is heavily damaged, you will probably have to look elsewhere.

Where can I Sell My Car Fast

Method #2: Private Sale

If you are looking to get the most money, selling your car privately is your best bet. There is nobody in the middle, just you, and your buyer, so you get to keep the whole profit.

But there is a caveat – hassle. If you decide to go this route, you shouldn’t expect to make the sale quickly. And there is always that question “What is my car worth in Ireland, today?”. You will have to do your own research.

Second, people will call you, text you, ask you for more information, to send them pictures, or if you can lower the price. Also, you might find yourself forced to reduce the price anyway because nobody wants to buy it, especially if it is old and/or damaged.

And of course, selling your car this way involves risks that go along with dealing with strangers. All that will take a lot of your time, and effort, making it far from ideal.


Method #3: Auctions

Auctions are definitely the most exciting way of selling a vehicle. What is also good about them is that sometimes you might get more money than you hoped for, as people get greedy.

However, often times cars don’t go near the price sellers wanted, especially if they are old, or have visible damage. And lastly, you will have to pay a fee to put your car on an auction, whether live or online, and you will have to pay a percentage of the selling price. And of course, all that takes a bit of your time.


Method #4: CarsBoughtForCash

By far the best method of selling your car is us. We buy cars for cash all over Ireland, no matter the condition. What’s more, with us, there is no hassle.

You just schedule a car valuation, wherever in Ireland, and we will come to see what it is. Once we arrive and see that the car is as described, we will offer you money. If you are happy with the offer, all done! You get your cash, right then and there, and we will take the vehicle.

And if you have changed your mind, and decided not to accept it, no issues. The valuation process is entirely free of charge, and you don’t owe us anything.

The whole process is as easy as one-two-three. Valuation-Meeting-Sale, that’s it. You just prepare the needed documentation, which includes a valid identification and address confirmation, plus car VLC, and that’s it. No DOE or NCT required.



We at CarsBoughtForCash believe that selling cars should be simple. There is no need to overcomplicate things. After all, you have the car we want, and we have the money you need. The only thing left is to trade the two, and that’s it. You can do that today, hassle-free, for a fair price. That all makes selling your vehicle to us by far the best option of all, as it combines good price with minimal hassle, giving great value in return.

How To Sell Your Car Fast?


Selling a car can sometimes be unnecessarily complicated. In our opinion, there is no reason why it should be like that. After all, it’s almost 2019, and everything moves online. The best way to sell your car is definitely over the Internet, and we will give you some reasons why, and explain to you how you can sell your car in Ireland, today.


Reasons To Sell Your Car Online

Reason #1: Convenience

By doing things online, you avoid a lot of unnecessary hassle and formalities that follow selling your car “live.” There is no commuting to a car lot, wasting time and gas. Plus, you don’t have to schedule any appointments, or call people. You just submit the car details on the site and wait for us to contact you, with an offer. If you agree, we will come to see the vehicle whenever suits you. After all, this whole process should be about you, and your car which is often not the case when you do things in a traditional way.

Reason #2: Fair Prices

When you try to sell your car traditionally, either through dealership, or classifieds, you can’t expect to get the best price. There are just too many people involved in the process, and each of them has to get something out of it, for the business to work. Also, many dealerships are giants, and they are in a much better position than you, ordinary working people. They often have that “Take it or leave it” approach. Running an online business is much cheaper, as fewer intermediaries are looking to get profit. You will get a much better price than you would if you go a traditional route, no doubt about that.

Reason #3: Speed

When you list your car for sale, you have to deal with buyer questions, plus, you have to be careful not to get scammed. And if you put your vehicle on an auction, you need to wait for it to pass, plus, you might never get the price you hoped for. Plus, you have to pay the auction house/site a percentage or a fee.

With us, there is no hassle. We will come and pick up your vehicle, paying cash for cars, all over Galway, and broader, as we buy any car in Ireland. All this without unnecessary questions, or waiting.

Reason #4: Damaged Cars Have Rights Too!

If you are wondering “Where can I sell my damaged car in Ireland,” or “Who would want to buy my old car in  Ireland?”, the answer is CarsBoughtForCash. We will buy any car, no matter how bad it looks. Yes, even totaled vehicles are welcome. We sometimes buy cars that don’t run too, and we purchase vehicles with or without NCT and DOE.

How To Sell My Car Online?

With CarsBoughtForCash, it is a straightforward, three-step process:

  1. Valuation – you should provide us with as much detail as possible, in order to get an accurate valuation, and a fair offer. How much is it going to be? Well, it depends on the car condition, mileage, year manufactured. But rest assured, you will like the offer you get, especially when compared to local dealerships.
  2. Meeting – the second step is us getting to your location to see the car ourselves. If the condition is as you described, and we are satisfied with what we see  (we mostly are, we are not that picky), we will give you an offer. Of course, you are not obligated to do anything. If you change your mind in the process, for whatever reason, that’s OK; you don’t have to pay anything.
  3. Payment – the final step of the process, if we like the car, and you agree with the price. We pay you the money, in cash, right there. You only need to have valid documentation which includes VLC, proof of address, and valid identification. That’s it! Completely hassle-free, and refreshingly simple.


Like we said, selling your care needs not to be complicated. Yes, if you try to sell it privately, you might get a better price, but that depends on so many factors and is often not the case. It involves risk, and above all a lot of hassle. Cars Bought For Cash is definitely the best method of selling your vehicle, as it is by far the most convenient. Don’t hesitate to contact us now, and get a free valuation of your car, no matter in what state it is.