3 Essential Summer Car Care Tips


The summer is upon us, and its time some car maintenance. We will share three easy tips you can follow to make your car happy. Let’s go!

Tip#1: Car Cleaning Time!

Guys, summer is here, and it’s time for your car to shine. Yes, that means car polish, but before that, wash your beauty thoroughly. You want to clean your car completely, including rims, but also decrease it under the hood. That will help it breathe again, cleaning all those dead bugs stuck inside the grill will get the air flowing. Not only it will look better, but it will also impact the longevity and even performance.

As for the inside, wash, and vacuum everything. If your car is really neglected, it’s better to let a professional do the cleaning. They have much better car care products and machines too, and you will never wash your car like that at home.

Car care is not only about the wash, wax matters too! It will protect your car from sunlight, and also give it that beautiful shine. Now that the summer started, it is your time to shine.

Tip #2: Replace The Inexpensive Details

Car care and maintenance for used cars don’t have to be expensive. You can buy cheap or second-hand aesthetic parts that will boost how your car looks.

Replacing mats, for example, won’t cost you a fortune, but it can boost how your car looks on the inside. Also, if your seats are beyond repair, you can buy thick covers that match your vehicle. Just think what would Mr. Wolf from Pulp Fiction do. 🙂

A steering wheel cover is another cool idea. It will soak up the sweat from your hands, and it will be noticeable even from the outside, making your car more attractive.

As for the exterior, racing stripes are an ultra-budget solution to make your car more aggressive. Wind deflectors and cheap window tint foil are a good option too, and a detail that won’t get unnoticed. New windshield wipers are a good detail too, but they won’t draw too much attention. New rims definitely will, if you can find a decent pair for low money. If not, paint the ones you have!

Tip #3: Do Some Light Maintenance

Yes, summer is all about the looks. But no matter how appealing your car is, what good is that if it’s broken down and you can’t drive it?

While you don’t want to think about it during the summer, this is a good time for an oil change. Your engine will thank you. Since the hood is open, change antifreeze liquids too, and also put some liquid for windshield wipers. Also, check your tire pressure, and make sure it’s optimal. That costs you nothing, and it can impact your fuel consumption, but also safety.


As you can see, taking care of your car during the summer is easy, especially if you follow our three tips. They don’t require too much effort, nor money, which makes them perfect even if you are not that technically inclined, or on a tight budget. There’s no reason why your car shouldn’t look good when you are cruising down the boulevard. No reason and no excuses!